Tax Planning

The Republic of Cyprus’s legal framework has turned the country into an attractive destination for foreign investors and a reputable regional hub for the provision of services. The country is distinguished and renowned for its tax legislation which provides legal persons with significant advantages.

Many foreign and multi-national companies opt for registering a holding company in Cyprus in order to benefit from the extensive network of double taxation treaties signed between the Republic and other states.

By drawing upon our experience in numerous areas of practice, we aim to assist both individuals and businesses flourish by providing tax-efficient and viable solutions to the complex challenges of international commerce and business operations.

Our commercially aware lawyers are dealing with the tax aspects of all corporate, commercial and financial transactions taking place within the jurisdiction while our extensive network of international associates provides our clientele with reliable advice in relation to international transactions.

We advise our corporate clients regarding Free Trade Zones, favourable tax regimes and help them implement their business strategy to achieve the lowest possible effective tax rates and succeed in their commercial and tax specific goals.

Our Tax Planning services include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • International Tax Planning services aiming to the development of a flexible and practical tax strategy for each company
  • Preparation, submission and agreement of personal and corporation tax returns with the Inland Revenue
  • Filing of requests for issuance of tax residency certificates
  • Advice on minimizing your tax liability
  • Double taxation treaties services
  • Accounts Management Services including the preparation of balance sheets, income statements and short reports

We take pride in offering our clients complete, comprehensive and dynamic legal advice. Embracing the ‘one-stop shop’ philosophy we work hard to provide tailored solutions by drawing experience from multiple fields of practice. Since 2010 we have been collaborating with Excellentio Audit Ltd, an independent Cyprus based company providing auditing, accounting, tax and other related services.

Excellentio’s specialists are working shoulder to shoulder with our legal advisors to develop flexible, innovative and sustainable financial and legal strategies with a view to safeguard our clients’ interests, ensure their financial stability and enhance their business potential. Whether we are working with an individual, a start-up, a SME or a multinational corporation, we are committed to work closely with our clients and assist them in meeting their business objectives.

Cyprus tax framework highlights:

  • 12.5% uniform corporate tax on trading profits
  • Dividend income received from abroad is exempt from taxation (subject to conditions)
  • No thin capitalization rules
  • Capital gains from the sale of immovable property situated outside the jurisdiction is exempted
  • Taxable losses carried forward indefinitely\Capital gains on sale of qualified Securities are fully exempted
  • No withholding tax on outward payments (Dividends – Interest – Royalties) to non Cyprus tax residents (companies or individuals)
  • Foreign Permanent Establishment profits are exempted (subject to conditions)
  • Tax free corporate re-domiciliation permitted
  • Possibility for establishing an SE (European Company)
  • Applicability of all EU directives
  • Advance ruling practice
  • Extensive network of double taxation treaties