Real Estate

The purchase or the sale of a property involves significant financial and legal commitments. Even the most straightforward real estate transaction involves complicated legal documents that can be difficult to understand. Properly drafted contracts and other related documents are of critical importance.

It is in the best interest of both buyers and sellers to have reliable legal advice prior to signing a contract to ensure that their interests are being adequately protected and that unnecessary conflict and costly litigation is avoided.

Our litigation team is dealing with cases of rent review, licences (assignment, subletting, alterations), service charge disputes, recovery of arrears, lease renewal strategy, forfeiture, administrations, non-payment of rent and break clauses. The team’s commitment is to find effective solutions and safeguard our clients’ interests.

The firm has extensive experience in advising landlords, tenants, administrators and investors who are looking to purchase immovable property in Cyprus.

Our real estate services include:

  • Negotiation, drafting or review of property sale agreements
  • Negotiation, drafting or review of contracts for residential and commercial leases or subleases
  • Real estate litigation
  • Title document review
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Obtaining permits and licenses
  • Rent review

We also provide advice in relation to:

  • Financing
  • Tax Planning
  • Mortgages
  • Property Ιnsurance