For individuals:

Marios Hartsiotis & Co LLC’s lawyers offer services in insurance matters ranging from the simple to the complex. We have successfully represented policyholders in claims against their insurance companies where coverage has been denied.

The firm is also dealing with cases of personal injury and/or medical negligence on a frequent basis. We are filing or defending claims for bodily harm or material damage caused in a car accident, post-surgery and/or post-treatment complications and injuries in public space or at the workplace.

Our litigators have amassed great experience in successfully pursuing or defending Personal Injury cases in Court as well as striking beneficial out-of-Court deals for our clients.

Additionally, we may assist you by monitoring the defence of personal injury actions where an insured requires an attorney acting on his or her behalf and who will coordinate his or her defence of the claim along with the lawyers appointed by an insurance company under its ordinary defence obligation.

For insurance companies:

We have been specializing in insurance litigation for more than 30 years and we are regarded as a leading firm in this area of practice. Our experience enables us to assist clients in dealing with claims as well as in coping with cash flow, creditors and other related commercial problems that often arise from the delayed settlement of an insurance claim.

We provide practical legal assistance as well as detailed and in-depth legal opinions; both necessary for the calculation of the estimated liability percentage of each of the parties involved in car accidents as well as the likely amount of special and general damages to be awarded to successful claimants.

The firm has been involved in thousands of claims filed against insurance companies and/or insured drivers and has managed to deliver impressive results – both in and outside the courtroom – by successfully defending fictitious claims, mitigating the amount of damages awarded to claimants and negotiating favourable out-of-court settlements.

Over the years we have spared our insurance company clients millions of Euro in verdicts and settlements. Marios Hartsiotis & Co LLC currently acts on behalf of many of the major insurance companies operating in the country as well as the Motor Insurers’ Fund.