Family Law

Family law is a challenging area of practice. Advocates who are active in this field are dealing with cases requiring many more virtues than mere knowledge of the relevant legislation and case law. We treat our clients with sensitivity because we acknowledge how complex personal relationships and financial circumstances can be. Our experience and understanding of the issues the clients are dealing with all combine to produce the best possible result while safeguarding their confidentiality.

A matrimonial dispute can be stressful. Any person going through such disputes requires someone who fully understands the applicable law and can provide guidance through this difficult situation. We understand the difficulty involved in coping with both emotional and financial struggles hence, we seek the best possible outcome for our clients.

When it comes to matrimonial disputes, the Courts cannot always come up with the perfect solution. In several cases, the verdict leaves neither party satisfied due to the complexity of the issues at hand. In addition, a Court verdict might prove to be disastrous for the development and progress of any minors concerned. For this reason, whether you are after an interim injunction, child custody, financial provision, a divorce or a resolution of an inter-spousal property dispute, we will do our best to reach a viable and sustainable solution that settles once and for all any pending issues as well as any potential issues which might arise in the future. However, if it becomes apparent that the parties have fallen out to such a degree that an amicable settlement is no longer possible, our firm’s skilled litigators are committed to present your case effectively before the Family Tribunal of the District Courts.

In addition to the traditional services provided in this area of practice, our firm is ready to explore with the client more cost-effective, flexible and less stressful options such as family mediation.