Business Development

Business Development is an extremely broad concept spanning across multiple areas of legal fields as well as other professional practices. Our wider understanding of both the international and local market as well as our commercial awareness, enable us to identify each client’s business needs and work out dynamic and practical legal solutions.

Marios Hartsiotis & Co LLC embraces the ‘one-stop shop’ philosophy, providing comprehensive and dynamic all-in-one solutions, tailored to our clients’ particular needs and requests.

We advise and assist young entrepreneurs, aspiring and experienced investors, high net-worth individuals, SMEs as well as robust corporations in setting up or expanding their business and securing their assets or investments.

To meet each client’s business objectives, we assemble a task-force: a team of skilled lawyers, accountants, tax experts, auditors, marketing consultants and other specialists who will work together and coordinate the drafting and implementation of a sustainable business strategy.