Banking & Finance

Marios Hartsiotis & Co LLC is a recognized leader among Cyprus’s law firms involved in cases of banking litigation in Cyprus. While we represent several Cypriot banks in Court, including the Bank of Cyprus (the island’s biggest financial institution), we also act on behalf of borrowers who bring a claim against other financial institutions.

Additionally, we offer valuable advice in the finance sector by developing flexible, innovative and sustainable financial and legal strategies on behalf of our clients with a view to safeguard their interests, ensure their financial stability and enhance their business potential.

Our Banking & Finance services:

  • Reviewing of Loan Agreements and Documentation
  • Tax Planning
  • Acquisition and Project Financing
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Reviewing of Mortgages and Securities Agreements and Documentation
  • Opening of Account in Cypriot or Other Jurisdictions’ Banks